7 Benefits of Studying in an International School

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Parents really care about their kids’ education, right? 

It’s a huge deal and can be super stressful picking the right and proper school. In Singapore, there are tons of international schools popping up everywhere. 

But, why are they getting so popular? Well, these schools have perks. 

They generally give students a global perspective, teach different languages, and offer diverse experiences. International education sets kids up for a future full of possibilities.

Let’s keep reading to know more about it.

1: Exposure to Different Cultures

At international schools like Brighton College, lots of students and teachers from all over the world come together. It’s like a big mix of cultures, languages, and ideas. 

This helps kids learn about different ways of thinking and living. They get used to working with all kinds of people, which helps them see the world in a bigger way. 

At Brighton College, there are students and teachers from almost 50 different countries! 

Everyone there believes in being open-minded, fair, and making sure everyone feels included and treated equally.

2: Learning Another Language

In most of the international schools, students learn in a language that isn’t their country’s main language, often English. 

They study all subjects in this language except for Spanish Language and Literature and Geography and History (for Spanish nationals). 

These schools have extra help for students who aren’t fluent in the language they’re learning in. They also offer Spanish classes and teach about the local culture for foreign students. 

From the moment students arrive, they start learning the new language, which makes it easier for them to pick it up.

3: Higher Chance of Getting into the Best Universities

Attending an international school, especially one that offers the IB Diploma Program, can really boost your chances of getting into top universities worldwide. 

Many of these universities recognize the advantages of the IB Diploma, making students who complete it more likely to get into the college they want. 

4: The Availability of Student Clubs

International schools often have student-led clubs, which are seen as important for student education. These clubs offer more than just classroom learning. Being part of a club can improve grades, health, and future job opportunities.

Joining these clubs helps students get better at talking to others and thinking creatively. It also teaches them how to solve problems and work well with all kinds of people.

5: The Benefit of Service Learning

At the international schools in Singapore, they’re all about helping kids become awesome problem-solvers and do-gooders in the world. Their Service Learning Program is a big part of this. It’s not just a class; it’s something Middle and High School students dive into every day. 

They work on cool projects that actually make a difference in people’s lives, both locally and globally. Plus, they focus on learning about and tackling the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. It’s all about making the world better while having a blast doing it!

6: The Development of Critical Thinking

Recent research discovered that students enrolled in the IB program seem to be really good at critical thinking (IBO, 2020). 

The way the IB program teaches critical thinking follows the best methods used around the world. It’s all part of the IB Learner Profile, which focuses on traits students should have.

Critical thinking means thinking hard by looking at an idea, using logic, and linking things together. It’s about asking lots of questions about what we believe and exploring more about a topic before coming to a final answer.

7: Getting a Grand Network of Contacts

International school students create lasting friendships with peers who will later study and work worldwide. They’re skilled at connecting with people and pupils from various countries, languages, and cultures. Even when apart, they stay in touch, forming a diverse network that opens doors to opportunities in different places globally.

The Bottom Line

Picking a school for your kids is a big deal. In Spain, there are tons of international schools, so finding the right fit for your family’s values and your child’s needs is doable.

Going to an international school has perks. Kids get to experience different cultures, learn another language, and get a leg up for college. 

Plus, there are cool clubs to join. Choosing this kind of school is like investing in your kids’ future. But take your time—check out a few schools before you settle on one.