Back To Old Street Huy Cuong • Afternoon Dream • 2021

Back To Old Street Huy Cuong • Afternoon Dream • 2021


Travel back in time and discover Old Street Huy Cuong, a quaint and picturesque lane that has inspired countless tales and visions. A remarkable occurrence that happened in 2021 invites us to uncover the undiscovered charm of this antique neighbourhood. The afternoon fantasy that materialised amid the cobblestone walkways and rustic buildings created a lasting impression on the hearts of both tourists and residents, thanks to its rich cultural legacy and the addition of contemporary artists. Let’s explore this singular and captivating experience, where the past and present merged to create an incredible tapestry.

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Context of History

Tucked away in the centre of a busy metropolis, Old Street Huy Cuong has remained silently for decades, marking the passage of time. The street, which was first built during the Nguyen Dynasty, was an important commerce route that was frequented by tourists, merchants, and artists. Old Street Huy Cuong’s traditional architecture and rustic charm have endured over time, maintaining its identity.

The 2021 Afternoon Dream

Back To Old Street Huy Cuong • Afternoon Dream • 2021 by a creative partnership involving local artists, historians, and government representatives. This event, which went by the name “Afternoon Dream,” sought to recreate the street’s illustrious past and reframe it through a modern perspective.

Exhibitions and Installations of Art

Every corner of Old Street Huy Cuong was covered with eye-catching art works that welcomed strollers. The modern sculptures that each represented a different aspect of the street’s history blended harmoniously with the traditional lanterns that fluttered in the light breeze. Murals depicting old stories and folklore woven together with local mythology and folklore told a story of the region.

A life-sized, three-dimensional recreation of a historic market, where performers dressed in historical clothes and played traders from various times, was one piece that stood out in particular. Through interaction with the past, this immersive experience deepened visitors’ understanding of the cultural significance of the street.

Live Acts and Cultural Exhibitions

The street came alive with a variety of cultural performances and shows during the Afternoon Dream event. Traditional dance groups enthralled audiences with their magnificent performances as they glided elegantly to the beat of vintage music. Local musicians bridged the gap between the past and present by performing songs on traditional instruments with contemporary hits.

Engaging Workshops

The Afternoon Dream event’s organisers recognised the importance of engaged participation. They held a number of interactive workshops where guests could learn traditional skills and crafts including silk weaving, calligraphy, and ceramics in an effort to further involve the public. These workshops promoted the transmission of these priceless abilities to upcoming generations while also honouring Old Street Huy Cuong’s artistic legacy.

Conservation and Participation of the Community

The Afternoon Dream event’s success went beyond its aesthetic value. It made people more conscious of the value of protecting historic locations like Old Street Huy Cuong and strengthened the bonds of community among the inhabitants.

In order to preserve the street’s architectural legacy, a number of measures were taken, such as restoring old homes, fixing deteriorating facades, and enacting stronger laws to prevent overdevelopment in the neighbourhood.

In summary

Returning to Back To Old Street Huy Cuong • Afternoon Dream • 2021 was more than simply a happening; it was an eternal dream. The event honoured the past while igniting the present and the future through the fusion of tradition and innovation. This historical gem was given new life by the artistic vision, enthralling everyone who was lucky enough to witness its beauty.

We are reminded of the need of maintaining the core of our cultural heritage and the inherent worth of our common history as Old Street Huy Cuong develops. Those who attended The Afternoon Dream will never forget it, as it serves as a constant reminder that appreciating and celebrating our history is essential to building a great future.